The Benefits of a Borowski-Built Engine

  1. 1.Custom Made to Your Exact Specifications:  With our guidance, you pick the sound, look, power and accessories.  We make it happen.

  2. 2.Technical Knowledge: We make cutting edge engines for a broad range of motorsports.  In season, our staff is at the track and on the water to help keep you ahead of the pack.

  3. 3.Machining Capabilities: Our CNC engine machining equipment and shop professionals are second to none.  That shows in our build quality, reliability and performance.

  4. 4.Quality: Our levels of care and precision go far beyond OEM or standard aftermarket.  Machining and assembly of your project is performed only by highly skilled technicians.

  5. 5.Predictability: On-time and on-budget

  6. 6.Build Time: Thanks to our CNC processes, we can complete machining quickly.  We have strong relationships with our key suppliers which helps avoid delay waiting for parts.

  7. 7.Transparency: Your entire build is photographed and documented. Progress pictures are uploaded and viewable on our Flickr. You are welcome to visit in person any time and will be invited to attend the video-taped dyno session.

  8. 8.Honesty and Integrity as evidenced by our A+ rating and accreditation by Better Business Bureau.

  9. 9.Our Warranty

Computerized Stroker Clearancing

Our Newen CNC

Valve Job

Standard 3 Angle Valve Job

CNC Lifter Bores 
and Bushings
Aftermarket Main 
Caps & Girdles

Newen CNC Seat & Guide Machine

Design Custom Seat Angles and Blends on the Touch Screen

Engine Block Machining Services Performed on Our

4-Axis Rottler F68A Block Machining Center

  1. BulletSquare deck machine the firing deck to within 1/1,000 of a Degree of 45 Degrees

  2. BulletBore the cylinders to within 1/1,000 of a degree of 45 degrees from the centerline making them exactly perpendicular to the deck

  3. BulletNotch for stroker clearance.  The Y Axis and Z Axis move in coordination to sweep the mill in the exact path of the connecting rod creating a perfect cut that neither removes too little nor too much material.

  4. BulletLine Bore.  The Rottler uses a 90 Degree milling head to plunge between the main caps and bore one main cap at a time.  Unlike other methods, this keep the cutting tool very close to the milling head and eliminates tool deflection.

  5. BulletDeck O-Ringing.  Big boost and high compression sometimes require machining O rings in the firing deck.  The Rottler perfectly locates the machining locations using the Renishaw digital wireless probe

  6. BulletAftermarket Main Cap and Stud Girdle Installation

  7. BulletLifter Bore Machining

90 Degree Line Boring Cutting Head

Digital Wireless Probe Measures Block Dimensions

Digital Probe Ensures Accuracy for O-Rings

Computerized Stroker Clearancing