650+HP NA 427 Dart LS Next

  1. BulletDart LS Next Engine Block w/ Billet Caps

  2. BulletCompstar Crankshaft & Connecting Rods

  3. BulletCustom 11.25:1 Diamond Pistons

  4. BulletCNC Ported GM LS3 Heads with a Custom CNC Valve Job Performed on Our Newen

  5. BulletCustom Bullet Cam, Manley Valvetrain

  6. BulletRetrofit Style Oil Pan

900HP Blown Dart 427 LS with a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger Capable of Over 12lbs of Boost
  1. BulletDart LS Next Engine Block

  2. BulletCompstar Crankshaft & Connecting Rods

  3. BulletCustom 10.25:1 Diamond Pistons

  4. BulletCNC Ported All-Pro 6 Bolt Cylinder Heads

  5. BulletCustom Bullet Cam, Manley Valvetrain


‘Jekyll & Hyde’ Street/Strip Blown 427

  1. Bullet975HP on Pump Gas (12PSI), 1,155HP on C16 (19PSI)

  2. BulletDart LS Next Engine Block Rated to 2,000+HP

  3. BulletPolished 4.0L LS7 Whipple Supercharger w/ Integrated Intercooler & Polished 170MM TB Engine Comes w/ Two Tunes and Two Pulleys

  4. BulletSwapping Pulleys Takes 15 Minutes and Loading 2nd Tune Takes Seconds

  5. BulletPump Gas @ 12Lbs - 975HP

  6. BulletRace Gas @19Lbs - 1,1150HP

  7. Bullet

  8. BulletCustom Bullet Hydraulic Camshaft

  9. BulletNo Maintenance Rockers and No Setting Valve Lash (uncommon for a 1,000+HP engine)

  10. BulletEngine Requires No Special Maintenance Than Compared to Other Performance Engines (requires good oil, filters, etc.)

  11. BulletCustom Callies Magnum Crankshaft

  12. BulletCallies Ultra Connecting Rods

  13. BulletCustom Diamond Pistons Designed for 30+Lbs of Boost

  14. BulletCNC Ported All-Pro 6 Bolt Cylinder Heads

  15. BulletCustom Bullet Cam, Manley Springs, Locks, Retainers & Locators

‘Set to Kill’ Big Boost 1,400+HP 427

  1. BulletDart LS Next Engine Block & Cam Bearing Set

  2. BulletFully CNC’d All Pro LS7 Cylinder Heads

  3. BulletManley Springs, Locks, Retainers & Locators

  4. BulletPolished 4.0L LS7 Whipple Supercharger w/ Integrated Intercooler & Polished 170MM TB

  5. BulletCallies Magnum 4340 Forged LS Crankshaft

  6. BulletCallies Ultra H-Beam Connecting Rods

  7. BulletCrower Enduramax Needleless Mechanical Lifters

  8. BulletCustom Forged Diamond Pistons (BOR800) with Upgraded Wristpins

  9. BulletDiamond Pro Select AP Steel Piston Rings

  10. BulletCrower Shaft Mount Rocker Arm System

  11. BulletHolley HP EFI ECU and Wiring & Coil Harnesses

  12. Bullet1,100cc Custom High Impedance Injectors

  13. BulletBRE Custom Mechanical Roller Camshaft

  14. BulletCustom Smith Brothers Pushrods

  15. BulletMSD Multiple Spark Coil Kit

  16. BulletATI 10 Rib 2 Piece Harmonic Damper & Hub

  17. BulletMoroso LS Next Rear Sump Oil Pan & Pickup

  18. BulletBRE Custom Spark Plug Wires

  19. BulletBorowski Custom Billet Polished Engraved LS Valve Covers w/ Coil Relocation Brackets

  20. BulletHolley Dominator Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator, Holley MAP Sensor, Chevrolet Performance Lifter Valley Cover

  21. BulletPowermaster Alternator w/ BMR Mounting Kit

  22. BulletClevite Rod and Main Bearings, Cometic Head Gaskets, Fel-Pro Engine Gaskets, Cloyes Hex-A-Just Timing Set

  23. BulletARP Head Stud Kit, ARP Stainless 12 pt. Exterior Bolts, ARP Cam Bolts

  24. BulletBrad Penn Oil, Sunoco Race Fuel, Moroso Filters, Dozens of AN Fittings/Adapters


Custom Serpentine Kit

Variety of Intake Options

This isn’t a rebadged dressed up GM crate motor.  All of our new LS engines use the Dart LS Next blocks exclusively.  Every part is from an established high-performance brand.  No powdered metal rods. No torque-to-yield bolts.  Build pics for the #009 Dart 427

Each engine is built to order.  We stock components to quickly deliver variations ranging from 650HP NA street versions to long blocks capable of 2,000HP all utilizing the new Dart LS Next block.

The Benefits of a Borowski-Built Engine

  1. 1.Custom Made to Your Exact Specifications:  With our guidance, you pick the sound, look, power and accessories.  We make it happen.

  2. 2.Technical Knowledge: We make cutting edge engines for a broad range of motorsports.  In season, our staff is at the track and on the water to help keep you ahead of the pack.

  3. 3.Machining Capabilities: Our CNC engine machining equipment and shop professionals are second to none.  That shows in our build quality, reliability and performance.

  4. 4.Quality: Our levels of care and precision go far beyond OEM or standard aftermarket.  Machining and assembly of your project is performed only by highly skilled technicians.

  5. 5.Predictability: On-time and on-budget

  6. 6.Build Time: Thanks to our CNC processes, we can complete machining quickly.  We have strong relationships with our key suppliers which helps avoid delay waiting for parts.

  7. 7.Transparency: Your entire build is photographed and documented. Progress pictures are uploaded and viewable on our Flickr. You are welcome to visit in person any time and will be invited to attend the video-taped dyno session.

  8. 8.Honesty and Integrity as evidenced by our A+ rating and accreditation by Better Business Bureau.

  9. 9.Our Warranty

As Shown: $23,500

  1. -Includes Holley HP EFI

  2. -Includes Custom Serpentine Kit w/ 225 Amp Alternator

  3. -Does not  Include Headers

427 Cubic Inches - 650HP

We use Dart engine blocks exclusively for all of our crate engines.  Their strength, durability, performance and cost make them our supplier of choice.

  1. BulletDart Eliminated the Weak OEM Side Skirt and Main Webbing

  2. Bullet6 Bolt Head Provisions

  3. BulletTrue Priority Main Oiling,

  4. BulletLittle M Style Billet 4-Bolt Splayed Main Caps

  5. BulletEnlarged Water Jackets

  6. BulletUnskirted Crankcase Reduces Windage & Allows Use of a Larger Sump Oil Pan

  7. BulletFull Deck Design is 5/8” Thick with Blind Head Holes

  8. BulletExtended Cylinder Barrel Length for Greater Piston Support

  9. BulletSiamese Cylinder Bores

  10. BulletLifter Oiling Cross-over with Restrictor Provision

Naturally Aspirated

2.9L Whipple 427CI

4.0L Whipple 427CI

Click the Pictures Above for Details

Newen CNC Valve Job

Retrofit Oil Pan

Honed for Performance Not High Production

225 Amp Alternator

MSD Ignition Coils