Over 1250HP On Pump Gas

Feature Article Subjecthttp://www.chevyhardcore.com/news/video-on-the-dyno-borowski-race-enterprises-cranks-out-1206hp/
Feature Article Subjecthttp://www.chevyhardcore.com/news/video-on-the-dyno-borowski-race-enterprises-cranks-out-1206hp/

Performance Marine Engines Are Different Than Street Engines

  1. BulletMachined Clearances are Designed for a Block & Heads That Are in Constant Contact with Cold Water

  2. BulletComponents Such as Valves, Valve Seats, Springs and Rod Bolts Need to be Able to Withstand Constant High RPM Situations Automotive Engines Do Not See.

  3. BulletCoast Guard Approved Fuel and Ignition Systems Must Be Used

The Benefits of a Borowski-Built Engine

  1. 1.Custom Made to Your Exact Specifications:  With our guidance, you pick the sound, look, power and accessories.  We make it happen.

  2. 2.Technical Knowledge: We make cutting edge engines for a broad range of motorsports.  In season, our staff is at the track and on the water to help keep you ahead of the pack.

  3. 3.Machining Capabilities: Our CNC engine machining equipment and shop professionals are second to none.  That shows in our build quality, reliability and performance.

  4. 4.Quality: Our levels of care and precision go far beyond OEM or standard aftermarket.  Machining and assembly of your project is performed only by highly skilled technicians.

  5. 5.Predictability: On-time and on-budget

  6. 6.Build Time: Thanks to our CNC processes, we can complete machining quickly.  We have strong relationships with our key suppliers which helps avoid delay waiting for parts.

  7. 7.Transparency: Your entire build is photographed and documented. Progress pictures are uploaded and viewable on our Flickr. You are welcome to visit in person any time and will be invited to attend the video-taped dyno session.

  8. 8.Honesty and Integrity as evidenced by our A+ rating and accreditation by Better Business Bureau.

  9. 9.Our Warranty

Supercharged 1000HP+ 540 Big Block Marine Package

  1. Bullet8.3L Whipple Supercharger w/ Intercooler

  2. BulletDart Big M Engine Block - 4.500 Bore, 540CI

  3. BulletDart Pro1 CNC 355 Marine Cylinder Heads with 4 Additional Inner Head Bolts

  4. BulletCustom Newen CNC Valve Job

  5. BulletCallies Magnum 4340 Steel Crank

  6. BulletCallies Ultra I Beam 4330 Connecting Rods

  7. BulletDiamond Forged Pistons, Upgraded Wrist Pins & Total Seal CS AP Advanced Profiling Ring Set

  8. BulletARP Head Studs, Balancer Bolt, Oil Pump Stud, Stainless Steel Intake Manifold Bolt Kit & Carburetor Studs

  9. Bullet(2) Quick Fuel Q-Series 1050 Carburetors

  10. BulletCustom Hydraulic Roller Camshaft

  11. BulletHowards Hydraulic Roller Lifters

  12. BulletTrend Performance Pushrods

  13. BulletMSD Pro-Billet Marine Distributor, MSD 6M-2L Marine Ignition Box with Rev Limiter & MSD Blaster High Vibration Ignition Coil

  14. BulletPolished Marine Valve Covers

  15. Bullet12QT Marine Oil Pan with Dipstick

  16. BulletCoast Guard Approved Flame Arrestor

  1. BulletClevite Coated H-Series Main Bearings

  2. BulletClevite H-Series Rod Bearings

  3. BulletCloyes Hex-A-Just Double Roller Timing Set

  4. BulletMoroso Cam Stop Button & Timing Pointer

  5. BulletMelling High-Volume Oil Pump

  6. BulletCometic MLS Head Gaskets

  7. BulletFel Pro Engine Gaskets

  8. BulletCrane Gold Race Extruded Rocker Arms

  9. BulletEdelbrock Aluminum Timing Cover

  10. BulletATI Standard Harmonic Balancer

  11. BulletWeiand Dual Holley Fuel Line Kit & Hi-Ram Dual Quad Carburetor Linkage Kit

  12. BulletCustom Borowski Spark Plug Wires

  13. Bullet**No remote oil filter / cooler adapters**

  14. Bullet**No flywheel or hub drive**

$36,100 - Free 48 State Shipping

  1. BulletPlease Call for Multi-Engine Discount

  2. BulletEngine Comes Dyno Tuned & Full of Oil

  3. BulletCoast Guard Approved Holley EFI Offered